Monday, August 28, 2017

Volunteer at this year's GHC!

Ever considered not just attending Grace Hopper this year, but also giving back? Whether it's your first time attending, or you're a multi-year veteran, volunteering in some way is a great way to enhance your experience.

I've been volunteering with the conference since 2008, my first year there. For many of those years, I served as as a volunteer blogger. Starting as a blogger opened up all kinds of opportunities for me, including being on the Anita|Bees committee. The women I've met have become members of my professional network as well as friends. My blog got more attention and I felt a lot of fulfillment by sharing my views of conference sessions with the world.

Volunteering as a blogger or note taker is just one way to participate in the conference. You can also be a mentor for GHC scholars, open source day, or one of three speed mentoring sessions. If you have a PhD degree or higher, you can even judge the ACM student research competition.

Not attending GHC in person this year? You can still be a volunteer blogger / note taker for sessions that are streamed.

So don't wait, go sign up to be a volunteer today! Get all the details on the opportunities and a link to apply on the conference website.

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